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Welcome to Anantya Info services Pvt Ltd, your go-to destination for cutting-edge information services in India. We specialize in providing a wide array of services to meet the diverse needs of businesses and individuals, helping them navigate the complexities of the digital age.

Bharath Heavy Electrical Ltd
Bharath Electronics Ltd.
Bharath Earth Movers Ltd
Bharath Sanchar Nigam Ltd
Infosys Ltd.
3M India.
United Sprit Limited (USL).
TATA Power Ltd
TATA Coffee Ltd
Britannia Industries Ltd
Indus Tower
Ernst & Young LLP
Cheftalk Food & Hospitality. Services Pvt.Ltd.,
SDM Group of Institutions
Rastreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust
BGS Group of Institutions
Cambridge Group of Institutions
SJR Education Society
Jaico Automobile Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
VOLVO Bus Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
GETS Automotive Pvt. Ltd.,
Padmashree Diagnostics.
Phoenix Medicare Pvt. Ltd.
Prompt Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
TTK Healthcare TPA Pvt. Ltd
State Bank of India
HDFC Bank Ltd.
ICICI Bank Ltd.
AXIS Bank.
The Bharath Co-Operative Bank Ltd
Chief Electoral Officer, Karnataka
Deputy Commissioner Chikkamaglur.
Commissioner Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike.
Directorate of Municipal Administration, Karnataka.
Agricultural produce market committee
Rashtriya e Market Services Private Limited.


Data Analytics

We ensure data accuracy and consistency by converting data into a usable format which help in statistical analysis by extracting insights and trends from data and also develop machine learning by applying algorithms for predictive analysis. Unlock the power of your data with our advanced analytics solutions. Our team of experts leverages state-of-the-art tools and technologies to extract valuable insights, enabling you to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Mobile Development

Craft user-friendly mobile applications for iOS/Android or opt for cross-platform development with the guidance of our experienced consultants.

Web Development

Web development refers to the process of building and maintaining websites or web applications. It involves a variety of tasks, including web design, web content development, client-side and server- side scripting, network security configuration, and more. Web development can range from creating simple static web pages to complex dynamic web applications. We enhance your online presence with a responsive and dynamic business or eCommerce website, expertly developed to meet your needs. Enhance your online presence with a responsive and dynamic business or eCommerce website, expertly developed to meet your needs.

We ensure in staying updated with the latest technologies and best practices is essential for success in web development.

Progressive Web Application

A Progressive Web Application is a type of web application that takes advantage of modern web technologies to deliver a more app-like experience to users. Progressive Web Application are designed to work on any platform with a standard-compliant browser and provide features traditionally associated with native mobile applications. We deliver progressive web app development solutions tailored for tech startups, global businesses, and large-scale enterprises.

eCommerce & CMS

E-commerce refers to the buying and selling of goods and services over the internet. It involves online transactions, electronic data interchange, and electronic funds transfer. E-commerce platforms are designed to facilitate these transactions.

CMS (Content Management System) is a software application that enables the creation, modification, and management of digital content. CMS platforms are widely used for building and maintaining websites.

The integration of e-commerce and CMS streamlines the management of online content and products, providing a cohesive experience for both businesses and users.

Our eCommerce and CMS development experts adhere to best practices, offering end-to-end Magento, Shopify, and WordPress development solutions.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing encompasses a broad range of online strategies and planning aimed at promoting products, services, or brands using digital channels. The goal is to connect with a target audience, build brand awareness, drive traffic, and ultimately achieve business objectives. Successful digital marketing requires a deep understanding of the target audience, the use of analytics for continuous improvement, and adaptation to evolving of online platforms and technologies.

Boost your online presence through result-driven digital marketing strategies meticulously crafted by our experts. Stay ahead of market trends and customer preferences with our comprehensive market research services. We offer tailored solutions to help you understand your target audience, identify opportunities, and refine your strategies for maximum impact.

Information Security

Information security goal is to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets. Information security is a continuous and evolving process that requires a combination of technology, policies and proactive measures to address emerging threats. Safeguard your digital assets by protecting information, systems, networks, and technology infrastructure from unauthorized access, attacks, damage, or theft with our robust information security services. We employ the latest security protocols and technologies to protect your data from unauthorized access, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your information.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence plays a crucial role in helping organizations make data-driven decisions, gain competitive advantages, and respond quickly to changing market conditions. Empower your organization with actionable intelligence. Our business intelligence services help you transform raw data into meaningful insights, driving strategic decision-making and enhancing overall business performance.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a comprehensive and strategic process that involves integrating digital technologies into various aspects of a business. Embrace the future of business with our digital transformation services. We guide you through the process of adopting and integrating digital technologies, optimizing your operations, and enhancing your overall efficiency.

Printing services

Printing Services is a range of professional services that involve production of printed materials, documents, and promotional items using various printing methods and technologies.

We offer printing services which encompass various methods tailored to different needs. Digital printing is efficient for small to medium runs, offering quick results and cost-effectiveness. Offset printing excels in high-quality, consistent output for large print jobs like brochures and magazines.Large format printing is ideal for oversized materials such as banners and posters, while screen printing offers versatility for custom apparel and signage.

Variable Data Printing is a technique that allows customization and personalization of printed materials on a large scale. Instead of printing a large quantity of identical documents, variable data printing enables the inclusion of unique information, such as text, images, or other elements, on each printed piece. This technology is widely used in direct marketing, promotional materials, invoices, statements, and other printed communications.

These diverse printing methods cater to a wide range of applications and requirements. In summary, printing services include a wide range of solutions for creating printed materials that serve diverse purposes. Whether it's for personal use, marketing, or packaging, these services continue to evolve with technological advancements and changing customer demands.

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